VOTI and Being Canadian

In 2017 we are celebrating Canada’s 150th anniversary, as a Canadian company we are proud that VOTI shares the core values of Canada.

Canada Values respect and equality for everyone no matter the cultural differences. We are a multicultural society and diversity is a fundamental characteristic of the Canadian Heritage and Identity.

Being Canadian means being a member of a community that includes and welcomes the best people of the world and from every corner of our planet. It means celebrating the diversity, learning from it and respecting and including one another.

Being part of VOTI’s team means that every morning I can walk in and say good morning with a smile to everyone, it means that I am a member of a strong multicultural team that combines all their knowledge and experience to make the world safer

VOTI is a reflection of what it is to be a Canadian company, our team includes smart and talented people from all over the world. We come from every corner:

Being Canadian means fairness, diversity, equality and inclusion; being part of VOTI’s team means that I am treaded fairly no matter my background and it means that my ideas are respected no matter who I am. At VOTI my environment is diverse and inclusive of everyone, we are all equal no matter our gender, nationality, religion, or race.

I am free to be Canadian and to bring all my knowledge into VOTI; a company founded in Montreal in 2008 and that works hard to innovate and protect lives through technology all around the world.  VOTI; Vita Obses Technology Intellego. VOTI, we understand how to secure life through technology.  Just like Canada, we are protecting all humans without discrimination.