Our proprietary 3D Perspective™ technology evolves geometries and detection algorithms to remove blind spots and increase the visibility of threats for easier identification. We maximize the screening area and produce revealing images that capture unparalleled depth and detail. Our competition doesn’t even come close, see for yourself!

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Core Operating System


Our innovative design and detection capabilities are made possible through our state-of-the-art operating system, BioSans™ OS running on all VOTI scanners.  As the main operator interface for all system communications, it is responsible for generating the 3D Perspective™ images by merging multiple shots into one, with a focus on clarity and quality to provide the highest standard of threat detection and simplify use for the operator.

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BioSans operating system

Designed to continue to disrupt the x-ray scanning market, BioSans MATRIX, running on Linux, further builds on our BioSans operating system, offering additional applications and differentiated solutions to extend the functionality and value of the customer’s current and future equipment. BioSans MATRIX provides many scaling opportunities for future innovations, especially in services, applications, artificial intelligence, machine learning and analytics.

The Evolution of X-Ray Screening

VotiINSIGHTS™ is a web-based platform for the centralized and remote management of VOTI Detections XR3D scanners. INSIGHTS provides fleet managers with up to the minute information about their scanner fleet’s health and operation status, giving users the ability to improve operational efficiencies and decrease machine downtime, saving time and money.

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OptionalSoftwares Modules


VotiALERT™ is a unique application we developed to provide easy-to-use automated threat assessment management and material classification recognition. It also includes raw image storage, atomic number sequencing, and density alert to identify materials being scanned to alert the operator.

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Our Risk Assessment Management (RAM) module has fully customizable detection parameters in addition to 5 security risk assessment levels and automatically changes system parameters at all levels, adjusting the scanning speed and detection sensitivity.

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VotiPMD™ is our Precious Metal Detector (PMD) module and it offers a unique auto detection solution (platinum, gold, silver and other metals) for miners, jewelers, electronics suppliers, retailers and manufacturers to guard against theft.

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VotiTIP™ is our Threat Image Projection (TIP) application is a management tool that uses extensive image libraries of false threats to occasionally project onto real scans. Administrators can test their operators’ readiness, responsiveness and keep them alert, as well as keep track of individual and unit  performance.

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