Privacy Policy

Account and Profile Information

We collect information about you when you register for an account, such as your email address, name, and telephone number.

Your Use of the Services

Through third-party analytics such as “Google Analytics”, we keep track of certain anonymous information about you when you visit VOTIDETECTION.COM. This information includes the links you click on, and perhaps the geographic region you are visiting the site from.  This is intended to provide VOTI Detection™ with information to improve the website and the user experience.

Social Media Links

When clicking on social media links, you understand that you are leaving VOTIDETECTION.COM and you will be lead to third-party websites whose privacy policies are different than VOTI Detection’s and that you agree to theirs.

Data Retention & Protection

We keep your information only so long as we need it to provide VOTI Detection to you and fulfill the purposes described in this policy. When we no longer need to use your information and there is no need for us to keep it to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations, we’ll either remove it from our systems or depersonalize it so that we can’t identify you.

We take all necessary and reasonable steps to ensure your data is safeguarded.  Please contact VOTI Detection’s Data Protection Officer at for questions or concerns.

User’s Right to be Forgotten

At anytime, you may contact to request that your user data be deleted.  VOTI Detection will comply within 30 days and provide confirmation that the request has been completed

Cookies & Third-Party Analytics (such as Google Analytics)

Log data. When you use VOTIDETECTION.COM, our servers record information (“log data”), including information that your browser automatically sends whenever you visit a website, or that your mobile app automatically sends when you’re using it. This log data includes your Internet Protocol address, the address of and activity on websites you visit that incorporate VOTIDETECTION.COM features (like the “Save” button—more details below), searches, browser type and settings, the date and time of your request, how you used VOTIDETECTION.COM, cookie data and device data. If you’d like, you can get more details on the types of information we collect in our logs.

Cookie data.  We also use “cookies” (small text files sent by your computer each time you visit our website, unique to your VOTIDETECTION.COM account or your browser) or similar technologies to capture log data. When we use cookies or other similar technologies, we use session cookies (that last until you close your browser) or persistent cookies (that last until you or your browser delete them). For example, we use cookies to store your language preferences or other settings so you don‘t have to set them up every time you visit VOTI Detection. Some of the cookies we use are associated with your VOTI Detection account (including information about you, such as the email address you gave us) and other cookies are not.

Device information. In addition to log data, we collect information about the device you’re using VOTI Detection on, including type of device, operating system, settings, unique device identifiers and crash data that helps us understand when something breaks. Whether we collect some or all of this information often depends on what type of device you’re using and its settings. For example, different types of information are available depending on whether you’re using a Mac or a PC, or an iPhone or Android phone. To learn more about what information your device makes available to us, please also check the policies of your device manufacturer or software provider.