Air Cargo

VOTI offers a full range of tunnel sizes designed to screen small parcels, bulk cargo or palletized consignments that have been optimized for Air cargo. Whether you are a shipper, freight forwarder or airline, our machines will provide you with fast, reliable and accurate X-Ray screening.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructures are high-profile and high-risk locations, and as such they are vulnerable to extreme threats. Disruptions to their functioning can result in equally extreme consequences, including the potential of lost lives, adverse economic effects, a significant reduction in the public confidence placed in an organization, and significant losses in revenue and reputation. Whether it be securing courthouses, government buildings or even educational institutions, VOTI’s advanced X-ray security screening provides the operator with the most accurate possible imaging they need in order to make informed, confident and important decisions about the safety of your organization.


VOTI raises the bar for event security by seamlessly integrating non-invasive 3D Perspective™ Technology security and threat detection into the spectator and event experience, providing a safe space to enjoy festivities. VOTI’s conventional x-ray screening systems remain the preferred choice and solution for non-intrusive inspection and optimal throughput. Our products adapt and are scalable to a number of situations and security needs.


Protecting law enforcement operations, correctional facilities and military sites requires detailed and effective screening of individuals and items at all points of entry and access without exception. Our advanced X-ray security screening tools provide the operator with the most accurate possible imaging they need in order to make informed, confident and important decisions about the safety of your organization. Our imaging reduces the possible blind spots that can be exploited to smuggle contraband or steal sensitive materials.

Loss Prevention

Reports estimate US retailers lose upwards of $60 billion every year in theft, and the numbers keep growing. Accurate screening can help deter theft and recover stolen merchandise to protect your company and reduce insurance claims. Prevention of theft and loss is a key concern for many of our clients in the retail and manufacturing sectors. Recovery of these items can save millions annually. VOTI will identify whatever is of utmost concern to you, whether it is data storage devices like USB keys or external drives, precious metals, or specific raw materials. The internal data library can also be customized to quickly identify material related to: goods & assets, intellectual property and data.


Designed to stand up to the rugged conditions required in the maritime industry, VOTI’s scanners prevent any dangerous, illegal or contraband materials from boarding the ship. The user friendly nature and sharp 3D PerspectiveTM image enables operators to make quick, accurate decisions, providing a timely onboard and debark process for guests and crew, without compromising the stringent safety protocol.

Precious Metals

Processing, storing and handling precious metals, including platinum, silver, gold, and copper, poses unique challenges for detection and loss prevention. Small, even trace amounts can mean massive losses to an organization over time. VOTI’s technology will help prevent revenue loss by deterring theft and recovering stolen or misplaced precious metal traces and items. Our innovative precious metal detection app (VotiPMD™) uses the atomic number of the material to identify them and alert scanner operators of their presence when detected. The Precious Metal Detector module (VotiPMD™) can detect even the smallest quantities quantity of silver, platinum or gold and prevent them from leaving your facilities either through staff or waste removal. Whether protecting a mine, refiner or warehouse, clients see a fast return on investment after installing our scanners.

Transportation & Borders

Detect threats, contraband, and undeclared goods using VOTI’s advanced X-ray screening technology to improve border security. Easily scan the contents of smaller bags as well as large shipments. Our scalable scanners can be used in airports (government and commercial), land checkpoints (government and commercial), seaports (government and commercial) as well as Import/Export facilities.

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